Why is the government cutting money on public hospitals?

Please keep our healthcare for all. Our children deserve it. Thank you.

America is most definitely not what I would want our country to be modelled after.

NSW has to keep in public hands our most important and vital needs our hospitals.

Hospital privatisation is wrong! Our diggers didn't fight for that

Keep Australia great!

Healthcare should remain available to all. Many people just cannot afford to pay for a private healthcare system. It is disgraceful what has been allowed to occur in the USA. Don't let it happen here.

I was proud that Australians can go to hospital and get help that is needed without having to go bankrupt. I thought this is what my tax money pays for. Liberals and people that support them probably have the money to pay for this change. I don't even make 38 thousand dollars a year. So does that mean I can't have more than one child. I’m so scared for my son when he gets older.

As an Australian citizen and taxpayer, I belong to one of the most taxed demographics in the world. In return, I expect my tax dollars to be used for roads, hospitals and other essential social welfare services. Why exactly did I vote for Baird last time?


This makes me so very sad. Please don't privatise our hospitals!

I've lived in America and most of these politicians here in Australia don't understand the health system in the USA properly. Pray to God that we don't follow in the American footsteps and go backwards in our country. 

Australia, you have let me down.

Average Aussies cannot afford a privatised hospital/ health system. Do not Americanise our amazing country.

I know that a government implementing the above, will not get my vote. #saveourhealthcare 

The proposed privatisation of healthcare, hospitals and Medicare makes me ashamed at what Australia is turning into and how it is treating its people. I never thought we would ever come out like America, where greed and profits mean more than the lives of its citizens. 

Australia is changing, once the place to have a "fair go", Australia is now the place where if you don't have money, an inheritance or a wealthy family, it is very hard to get ahead, to own a house and to live the Aussie Dream.

As a young adult with a chronic disease, the privatisation of Australia's healthcare scares me.

How can this be cost-effective and provide the same level of care - the private operators have to make a profit on top of the operating costs. Mr Baird, the state has to have a social conscience as well as balancing the books.

We have such good public healthcare. Don't break it!

Medicare has been a wonderful thing for Australia. Now it looks like people will not be able to afford medical care.
Leave the hospitals alone. 

The American system is a system that is failing the people. Don't let that happen here. We do notwant to play games when it comes to people's health!

This government is privatising the health system bit by bit till there is nothing left. 

It is vital we keep our public hospitals public and I would accept a rise on my taxes to do this. The American system prevents so many people from accessing hospital care because of cost and the quality is no better than we already have in Australia. If you do not have health insurance the hospital can turn you away even if you arrive in an ambulance as an emergency following a car accident or gunshot.  In NY the ambulance drive from one hospital to another with an uninsured patient with gunshotwounds because each private hospital refused to accept the uninsured patient. We have a very different culture to America with different values. We need to keep it that way.  Universal healthcare has been a right in Australia and must continue to ensure that the less fortunate can access quality healthcare and it is not limited to the wealth in our society.

I am a nurse working in a public hospital in NSW. This state government only cares about profit. It is vital we keep public hospitals for the public so that people can access health care when they need it. 

We don't pay taxes so that our governments can consider running vital public services such as healthcare as break-even or profit making enterprises at no cost to the public purse. That just means the individual ends up paying and the majority cannot afford to pay that cost.

How can the public good be served by privatising such a thing as hospitals? It hasn't worked with jails as it substitutes people's interests for shareholders' interest and ordinary people lose out.

Keep your hands off our public system and stop trying to hurt those that need it most. We pay for it and we want to keep it as it is.

No to privatisation!

The Liberal Government have been trying to do this since Bob Hawke. This needs to stop!

Why are we following a system which clearly doesn't work for Americans? Please don't go down this road.

Government Departments being privatised has failed in every area it has been brought in. This is not an option with public health.

How many people will die because they can't afford to go to hospital, let alone survive because of the high cost of living. The politicians have to be accountable for their actions. 

Worked for many years in both sectors and nothing. I mean nothing beats public health care for accountability,quality care by people genuinely motivated by an intrinsic belief that every human deserves the best care available.

The privatisation of the public assets needs to stop. Stop selling things off to try and recoup money that has been wasted. Our medical industry should remain a public asset and people should be able to access free medical help as the tax we pay is supposed to cover this.Remember politicians, you work for us and you should be held accountable for your bad decisions.

Australian taxes are high enough, there is no excuse the government can't afford health and education.

My concern is Wyong hospital. With the rate of expansion on the coast, there soon will need a larger hospital to be built to accommodate the people's needs

I know and have heard of several situations where, in private hospitals, there aren't enough doctors in an emergency and the patients are shipped off to a public hospital for expert treatment. 

I understand the cost of health but for a private company is to make a profit on their outlay, but they will have to cut down on staff and the decreased quality of caring will put patients in danger. 

I can't afford private insurance. I am 61 and struggling to find work. I had bowel cancer last year. I am only alive because of public health system!

Everyone deserves access to health care and nurses have the right to remain in the public health system.

I am a nurse at Shellharbour hospital and am against the Americanisation of our public health system. I feel it will be an absolute disaster for both the community and staff. 

They will have blood on their hands. Keep our hospitals public for the sake of poor people.

Pensioners like me can’t afford health insurance. 

I didn't vote for this.

I'd like to keep our public health system and hospitals!

In every country where health system is dominated by the private health system, general public health is poor. Why would the government want to follow the wrong example?

Privatisation is all about giving money to the corporations, health is not a money-making business for profit.

I do not want to see people suffer from pain or life threatening complaints due to no public health system. In Australia there are a number of people who live on or below the poverty line.

The government should stop trying to reduce taxes and maintain our health system as first class.

The people that are on the poverty line and the people that have low incomes won't be able to go to hospital and get seen and afford to see a doctor if they don't have insurance and hospital won't accept them. There will be more deaths and people won't get the best of care.

Health is not commerce.  Healthcare is a pillar of a fair democracy.

Risking patients’health.

In America, you do not have a right to health care; you must purchase it, through the insurance company. Their system is run by the insurance companies who determine risk and therefore the needier are the ones who suffer the most. Is this what we want for our own country? Learn from their mistakes - for heaven’s sakes don't emulate it!

We must not become like America. Medicare and the pension system in Australia are second to none making access to life-saving services affordable. I work in the private sector but still realise that this is not for all, the public system saved my father’s life from snakebite (he’s a reptile keeper). Westmead Hospital HDU and dialysis unit ROCK . Australian nurses work hard for not enough pay either, please leave Medicare the way it is!

This is a disgusting move for the government to even think about making. Aimed totally at the aged, the lower income people and families ... aimed at the heart of the Australian people. Has it worked in America? No. People just die because they cannot afford healthcare! Absolutely pathetic move. No one will get my vote if this is how they will treat the citizens of Australia, I can assure you of that!

I saw what they did to Port Maquarie hospital and Labor had to buy it back – outrageous.

Health, housing and education are a fundamental human right.

I'm concerned about anything that forces people to pay for health care if they can't afford it. Good health should not only be available if you're rich enough to pay for it.

Every Australian is entitled to safe and efficient healthcare. The Public Health System and Medicare already achieve this. Seems the government wants to relinquish its responsibility for public services and put a price on them by privatisation. I say no sale.

Patients won't receive much needed healthcare due to a hefty bill. Taxpayers should be able to receive the healthcare they need instead of an extra bill they can't really cover.

Every person deserves the right to healthcare. It shouldn't be down to cost. It is really worrying to think that this could happen soon.

We need to look at the big mistakes America has made with their health system and not follow their steps for once.

The general population already delay treatment due to rising costs. With privatization people will die from preventable and curable ailments. Do you want blood on your hands? As a nurse I don't.

Public funds should be used for health, education and infrastructure not for funding private ventures or bailing out private companies.

Have always thought the Australian health care system would end up like the USA. Not right. Pt care is and should be no 1! I know my family would struggle with the costs.

Australia should NOT Americanise Australia's public health system. The government should have a really good look and see how majority of Americans are in debt due to paying high medical bills. Patients BEFORE profits.

I've been in and out of dentists, dermatologists etc and the amount I pay for those specialists alone deters me from getting treatment. The cost of these health specialists scare me into sickness as it is, if this happens to hospitals I know that many people will refuse to get help and this frightens me. I hate the idea of this coming in to Australia. If the Liberal Party bring this the only people that will win are the rich and the poor will become poorer.

I think putting profits before human lives is totally disgusting. Pensioners and the under privileged will die. Working class will have to sell their house to cover health costs if they are caring for a sick child and people on dialysis won’t be able to afford daily treatment. I say come on Australian politicians have a heart.

I bet the politicians all have private health cover so it wouldn't affect them. This being the case, who pays for it? 

Hands off our Medicare. The best thing we have ever done for Australians!

Past experience in NSW and overseas shows that privatization costs more, especially for future generations.  We had a public system in the 1970s which has been eroded over the years 1980 - 2015 and the ability to control the health system destroyed.

Health care is the responsibility of the govt. It is not for business and shareholders. Privatisation is the demise of our lifestyle and future. In 1989 it cost my friend $10,000 to have her baby in the USA. I had twins here in Oz and it cost me $0. That was 26 yrs ago - can't imagine what it would cost in 2015. I want my children's children to have first class health care from their first world country.

My brother is an American citizen and has lived in the US for 13 years. Health care costs are a major concern for his family. Privatising health care is another example of the government trading in the hard earned benefits won in previous years for short term gain. Atrocious.

It is my desire that my family do not have to put off going to hospital because of costs when we need to. All families deserve that right in this lucky country.

Health care received should never be based on how much money you earn. Access to health care should be fair and equal for all human beings.

Years ago, people with more intellect than those in office now, made a decision to steer Australia away from becoming a third world nation, and afford EVERY Australian the right to accessible health care. Apart from a desire to lead Australia towards an irreversible mistake, there is no valid reason to remove this right. Sick, injured and suffering people are not sources of cash.

If it's not broken, don't interfere with it.

The Liberals are destroying Medicare, stop them at the Polling booth.

It is devastating to think that our health system is heading down the path to privatisation. Australia is renowned for having the best health care system in the developed world and that reputation is slowly dwindling and it's the State politicians that are allowing it to happen. 

We can't allow for our healthcare systems wind up like those of America! and in case you've been living under a rock America is taking a stance against it too! Privatisation will mean the public will be left majorly out of pocket and leave those dependent upon such a functional healthcare vulnerable and left to fend for themselves and this cannot be allowed to happen!

I'm scared of our health system going like America. I have Cirrhosis of the Liver and will soon be needing a transplant. If the govt has its way I won't be able to get one. I'm not alone so many people will be so badly affected.

I believe health should be available to all without exception.

Queensland used to have the first free hospital system which has been very important to my and thousands of others health over the years of poverty I faced. Free hospital system was extended to all states and ever since the Liberal government has been in power nationally it has been pushing to privatise our health system. This will lead to a two class society, those who have and those who have not (the majority of us) so that those who have not will die earlier and have a poor quality of life through no fault of their own.

It's important for the health of Australians that they receive the care they require without being thrown off due to huge medical bills that may put them in debt.

I think we need a standard safety net for any medical condition that would be free to anyone who cannot afford it, we need to account for those who will need free medical care in a realistic way and we need some very smart and creative thinkers to come up with a way for government and business to work together in a way that doesn't clash with the needs of the people and the potential for business to grow.

Good health care should be available to all and the quality of treatment should not depend on how much you can pay. Keep our hospitals public and free, quality health care available for all Australian citizens.

Australia's health system is the best in the world and Medicare and health care was developed by Gough Whitlam by the Labour Party and I think is an amazing accomplishment by the Australian government, it would have taken time and effort and should be viewed as TROPHY and not a price tag for the budget.

Keep Australian public hospitals out of private hands.

I want to keep Australian Medicare for good.

I care about my neighbour and I care that people are cared for. If we all contribute some money we have a system for all. It's the same principle as insurance. You pay and pray you won't need it. But it's there for you and for others when the need arises.

I think it's part of the government's duty to look after its citizens and paying for healthcare is part of that. If not then why are we paying tax.  Healthcare is a right (or should be) not a privilege. 

This is disgusting to hear. My mother is just now recovering from treatment for Stage 3 Breast Cancer. She went through 3 months of chemotherapy and 6 weeks of radiation treatment. The financial strain this has had on our family, with the government covering the costs of treatment, is ridiculous. If an additional $100,000+ was added to our costs we would more than likely either have not partaken in the treatment or would be homeless with no possessions and I would be working several jobs. The privatisation of our healthcare system cannot happen!

The Medicare system has silently been bled almost dry by the inaction of govt to keep costs under control within the administration of public systems, while ignoring the increasing costs of treatment (better & more complex treatments, & cost of specialist care increases) when applying rebates, resulting in larger & larger cost gaps for ordinary people. Mix that with the third party & other insurance schemes that drive profit margins that strengthen the positions of private hospitals, & I fear the highly prized & very much paid for by taxpayer system will disappear. We must fight for OUR system of Heath care, the govt MUST care for it on our behalf.

How is it that we can remain committed to do everything possible to rescue someone; even those who place themselves in harm’s way, without cost to them yet we somehow question the cost of keeping someone healthy or saving their life with urgent surgery at no cost to them.  Isn't hospital treatment a form of rescue?

Commercialisation may be the trend of the day and the aim of capitalists however people are not commodities - we should not be treated as a car to be written off or a model too old to invest dollars into. Money before patients is such a callous, cold approach to selecting who gets what they need and sometimes who gets to live longer or live at all.  Have we lost all appreciation for the wisdom of the ages or wisdom itself?  Has our collective and individual wisdom become so depleted that we think such approaches acceptable?

Health care combined with profit is a clear conflict of interest. It can't work.

The LNP are destroying the best health system in the world for only one thing and that is the profits to private corporations.

I have Lupus, a chronic disease. There is no cure. I have been in intensive care twice. My prognosis is not good and will likely need hospitalization lots of times in the future . I am on a disability pension so cld never afford high hospital fees.

We see enough people in our society who can't afford the correct treatments they require. I would not like to see those numbers increase due to our health system isn't as good as it should be now I don't think we could afford to let it get any worse and watch more and more innocent people die.

I belong to a support group for a health condition. The difference between the members on the health system support they receive is DRAMATICALLY different between Australia, UK and America. Hands down those in America suffer more, have more red tape preventing them from receiving any support to appropriate support and we've found they are more likely to be prescribed the WRONG medication due to insurance requirements and private funding. In short, because of the financial dependence of certain drug companies many patients are given 'the next med on the list' because of protocol. This is NOT medicine and it's making people SICKER! Also I've been the grateful recipient of life saving surgery. When I got online to find more information about my operation I found many support groups for people who had friends/family who had died, in America, from not receiving surgical care due to the initial $10,000 out of pocket cost, that isn't covered by insurance. We're so lucky to have public health care. I owe my life to our system. I'm grateful, and my children are grateful.

I am disgusted to think that our country could resort to this kind of thing when most people don't have private health insurance because it's not exactly an affordable luxury. We are slowly becoming Americanised and it is a really scary thought. I believe that mortality rates will go up, homeless rates will go up. I am a nurse and my rates aren't fantastic, so does that mean I'll have to work 24/7 and risk my own health so that I can pay for surgery just in case I need it, or my family need it?! I feel sick to think what our country is going to become if it is Americanised.

I worry that health care will end up out of reach for those who need it most. Many people are doing it tough at the moment, especially the elderly and parents who can ill afford more costs.

Having worked and trained as a nurse in a private hospital, also having worked in the NHS and Middle East, I have already seen the slow erosion of placing profit before nursing care in private hospitals in WA.This has impacted not only on increased cost, also increased morbidity and mortality as nursing numbers to patient ratio are reduced and more agency nurses back fill when nurses call in sick. As a patient I experienced firsthand the reduced nursing care, and cleaning.

I want health to remain a service and not a business.

Now it seems that our government is trying to turn this country in to the U.S. - our private medical benefit payments are becoming unaffordable such as they are in the U.S. - one person's wage paying for the private health fund payments = what a joke, no politician would work all month just to pay health fund payments. Also our government forces us to join private health funds or  we have to pay a higher levy - we join , then the health funds keep putting up the premiums and we also pay a levy - how is that fair?

Privatising the health system is absolutely the wrong way forward, countries like Norway with free public healthcare should be copied, not America with one of the worst systems in the developed world. Also, providing healthcare should NOT be tied to profiteering private sector!

Australia's health system needs to stay in public hands.  The privatization of Australia's health system will only degrade the services provided and increase the difficulties that the Emergency Departments already have in the hospitals.

I believe all people should have equal access to health care, no one should have to suffer or die due to their socioeconomic status. It's easy for politics to make these decisions as they won't be the ones missing out on the health care. I care for many underprivileged people in my job through often no fault of their own have had many misfortunes in life. Is this fair that they should die or suffer while the politics and wealthy get all the benefits.

When corporations control essential services, the only benefit to the community is increased cost. Essential services such as health should not be in private-corporate hands.

How much are we going to let the Government take from us before we realise that we can't get back? Our health system is one we should be proud of...not something to be dismantled.

The government may say they can't afford it. We can't afford not to have it!

Yet another case of Australian governments negating their responsibilities to the community, Privatisation causes more problems than it will ever solve.

I would like to see or know who is supporting you? Where do Associations like the AMA stand on this issue (or just quickly browsing on the internet -  The Australian Institute of Health and welfare; Australian Hospital Statistics Advisory Committee; Australian Institute of Radiology; The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia). If you could show that many of Australia's reputable associations have come together to warn us that not just our hospitals but a % of our health system is being sold off to private organisations; and that in years to come our personal healthcare will cost each of us hundreds of thousands and dollars; then I would gather up ALL my friends and family and vocally support this campaign. At the moment I am not convinced. However you have stirred questions in my mind. I need you to show me that you have the support of other reputable associations so that I will be convinced.

Turning our public health system into a privatised money hungry industry is appalling.  People that support this should be ashamed of themselves for thinking this is the right way to our future health system. If this is to happen we will end up having the sick getting sicker, more homelessness on the streets, parents unable to afford to take their children to a health facility as they cannot afford it which in turn reflects on their education which then in turn reflects on unemployment later on in their lives. What happens with people with chronic illnesses?

Not everybody can afford health insurance. Nobody really benefits from privatising the hospitals.

I'm saddened and concerned that ill people will not be able to afford medical attention that they need due to the cost if hospitals are privatised leading to death or a very uncomfortable life

The health concerns for Australians are already on the rise. There is little improvement to the GAP and many people already not seeking basic medical assistance due to financial strain. The introduction of an American style health system and the breakdown of Medicare will not only amplify these issues tenfold, it is a horrifying thought with little benefit if any for patients.

Our country is perfect the way it is, we don’t need change. You don’t fix something that’s not broken.

I am sick to death of the influence America has posed to this country. Not only in our media and our shopping centres, but just as people, we have changed for the worst because of this 'Americanisation'. Now it threatens our health system.

How can anybody think commercialising health is a good idea?! Health should be a basic human right in a democracy.

I feel our current health care system and its universal access is the main thing our country is getting right and can be proud of internationally. To lose that would be devastating. To have our politicians trying to Americanise our system defies logic, when even the American president acknowledges with shame how unfair their system is. The best measure of a country’s success is how it looks after its most vulnerable. I would be happy to increase my tax paid in order to ensure we continue to do the right thing in this area!

I absolutely cannot afford this on creative worker's salary. But I'm more interested in how it will affect the neediest in our society.

I think that basic and urgent care should be free, seeing your GP should be covered wholly my Medicare, and private healthcare should be the ONLY thing that you pay for because you CHOOSE to pay for it.

Refusing someone help because they can't afford it is just asking for us to become an impoverished nation!

Medicare works perfectly well. Australia does not want a system where if you don't have money, you can't afford to see a doctor. Especially where serious injury or disease eventuates. People should not be penalised for being human and needing care. It's a reality we will all face eventually where our health fails us. We already have American fast food forced down our throats in Australia, contributing to obesity. We DO NOT want an American health system! If Federal government right now, Abbotts Liberals implement a user pays health care, it will be a case of Australia and its values being flushed down a very large toilet! Let's keep Australia's Medicare for all. We are our own country and I for one want it to stay that way!

I don't want to be American, we have to care about our people, health should come first before profit. This is Australia, let’s keep it that way.

We have the best health system. We can't let this government or anyone Americanise us in any way.

It is not just for the wealthy to be healthy, it's for everyone regardless.

It is an unjust system that Australians don't need or want. I am so sick of the LNP sacrificing our people so a select few can get even richer. This is shameful and even Obama thinks we already have a great health system. I agree. Stop destroying everything and everyone for profit!

I can't understand why when we have been the envy of the world with our medical system in Australia would a short term government want to destroy it?

Health care should be free - in Australia anyone earning slightly over the average wage has to pay for private health, where the payment gap already makes good health care unaffordable to the middle-income earners. What about low-income earners who want to avoid queues? Health care should be equitable - it's not. Invest in public free health for everyone.

Our healthcare system faces a serious threat from several of this government’s plans, such as the GP tax, the cuts to health spending, and the plan to allow private insurers to tender to run primary health networks. Private health insurance companies have a clear conflict of interest because they are focused on providing extra care to their own customers, and with the limited health budget, spending extra care on some people means others must miss out. Equity of access to healthcare is a foundational principle of any just society, but with the GP tax and the risk of private insurers running the show, we will effectively have a two tiered healthcare system, with the best healthcare going to the wealthy, and only limited healthcare going to the poor and those who suffer from chronic illnesses which increase their insurance premiums precisely those people who need healthcare most. The government is also being worryingly secretive about the details, in much the same way as political discourse in the US routinely avoided discussion of the issue before their healthcare system was handed over to private insurers and turned from a non-profit system for the benefit of the people into a for profit system for the benefit of insurance companies. The US is now paying for this change, with the most expensive and least effective healthcare in the first world, and we should learn from this. The new changes are a step toward the Americanization of the healthcare system a system which basic economics shows cannot work. If healthcare is entirely public, money allocated by the government goes towards healing the sick. When private insurers are involved, that same money is must heal the sick and provide salaries and bonuses for privately owned, for-profit insurance companies. The math is simple - either the amount left over for healthcare must go down, or the cost paid by the government (and ultimately the taxpayer) must go up, or both. Thousands of Americans now die prematurely each year due to being unable to afford health insurance - a situation which would be woeful anywhere in the world but is particularly disgusting in the richest nation on earth which has ample resources to fix their health problems, if only that wealth was not concentrated in so few hands. Our healthcare system is currently one of the best in the world, as was the American system before their disastrous reforms. This is precisely the reason why those best informed about medicine, namely doctors, almost universally oppose the proposed changes. For the sake of the literal health of the nation, we must all oppose them too.

Surely the most important thing for any country is that their citizens are cared for medically and mentally. A healthy population is more likely to be able to contribute to the country by way of working, thereby paying their taxes, which in turn fills the coffers and allows for other  issues to be addressed. Nobody in this country should go without equal care in the hospital/medical system. Shame on any government that sells us off for profit..

The government should be helping people recover, not stealing their wallets.

Our health care system is one of Australia's greatest strengths. Americans are often in awe of our system as we make it accessible and that is something we can take for granted.

I belong to an International Group of sufferers of a particular auto-immune disease, and I have read/heard and discussed the situation that those in the USA face with treatments etc. It is appalling that no matter what their Specialist Doctor prescribes as the right treatment, the final say is with the health Fund, who rarely allow the amount of treatments required. They also have problems about hospitalisation when required, having to go to the hospital covered by their funds when other hospitals could treat them better.

I have 2 children, one with an intellectual disability and the other born extremely premature. We have received excellent care through the public health system which in a privatised system would have cost us several hundred thousand dollars. This would have been completely impossible for us to afford and we probably wouldn't have our beautiful kids right now. It saddens me to think in the future there may be parents that have to give up their children or get into massive debt because of the decision of a greedy government today

Privatisation of the health system doesn't work, this has been made obvious in America, where essentially they and now dealing with a two tier health system where those with money get treatment and those without go without. One of the reasons I have always been proud of being Australian is that we take care of our own. It is appalling to think that we would buy into the American lifestyle this far and put our citizens at risk of being unable to access health services simplify due to being unable to afford it.

A nation should look after its tax payers, not corporations! If you do not invest in education, health and welfare how can you expect to advance as a nation intellectually or financially!

This frightens me beyond belief. I want to know that when I am sick I will not go bankrupt.

It will not look good for Australia to suddenly have $100,000 medical bills for an amputation, or $50,000 for a week stay in hospital. I know these numbers may be exaggerating, but it’s better to overestimate rather than underestimate the "extreme" costs of Americanizing of our public health system. Many more WILL DIE. And only the rich will can afford it. Whatever the case, one does not look to America for examples of public health systems when one ALREADY.HAS.THE.BEST. Come on Australians  (& people of other nations as well :P ), stand up for the land down under that gives all a fair go! Set the example for the world, and keep the bar high.

People have worked for generations to have the health system we now have. It is not up a one person to sell it, nor should it be considered a commodity.

I think we need to keep health public, not make an injury or illness into something which puts people into debt, we should be following countries like the netherlands or sweden not america in regards to healthcare

Australia has one of the most equitable and efficient health care systems in the world. Conservatives want to turn this into a for profit operation and this will make it unfair and will see people have poor health outcomes. The TPP will add to this and potentially ruin the very good health care system that we currently have. Americanisation of our public health system & the TPP stopped.

The American health scheme is totally broken, and, our stupid LNP politicians are leading us toward the same scenario. I'd like to know just why they think it O.K. to mess with our scheme, and force patients into bankruptcy just to go to hospital, let alone have a procedure done. It is the scheming of the corrupt.....

People are struggling now with the rise of daily living costs. More will die because they can't afford to pay for health issues

America is a terrible country for those who are not rich. Australia should not become a place where a few selfish individuals gain more wealth to buy useless junk at the expense of 1000s of lives.

The current government have sick ideological obsession with dismantling our public health system.  We must oppose them at every opportunity.

The American system has failed its people! Do Not privatise the Australian Healthcare system!

A little-known truth about the American health care system is that the only people covered by the government there are poor, old, or politicians. However, *more* tax money is spent on healthcare in the US than in Australia.  A small government-run health service simply can't negotiate like a big one, and health service companies can charge more as a result.

Any time you hear that Australia can't afford Medicare, remember this: it costs taxpayers more when it's privatized.

I personally am sick of the idea that selling off and privatizing services that we already pay for and were paid for and established by our parents and their parents. The misguided assertion that privatization generates competition and lowers pricing/increases quality service has been given here in Australia before and has failed miserably on all counts. We need to tell the Australian government to stop selling us that which we already own. Our politicians need a serious wake up call. They need to be made to live as the average Australian lives. My wife recently passed away after 33 years of chronic renal failure. She was a home Hemo Dialysis  patient and I can tell you there is no way in hell we could have afforded to pay for the Dialysis machine or the plethora of medications she needed (some of which we would pay 50 to 60 $ for but had a retail cost of around $800). We as a nation can be proud of the fact that we take care of our people and do not discriminate financially, socially or religiously. Don't let an out of touch out of date Government rob us of such a wonder full source of pride and honour.

Access to affordable health care is a basic necessity, not one that should depend on your financial status.

Many countries have successful, high quality health systems that are free, like in Scandinavia. It is possible and makes for a more equitable society.

Why the hell would we want a system as bad as america’s?! If you get sick in america and you’re uninsured you are left in the cold. Compassion is completely lost.

America's health system is not designed to benefit the needy. It is a money pit...a cruel and heartless business first and foremost that goes against every tenet of medicine. To mirror this system is to admit that our "leaders" care only about their own short term profit.

In an open and fair society, wealthy democracy like our own, health is the right of us all regardless of our economic status.

Americanisation will lead to many preventable deaths and disabilities.

Privatisation of the health system is fundamentally designed to further disadvantage the disadvantaged, commercialise the community's right to essential services.. It could also change our required work and training standards in health care, and is just plain unacceptable.

Public health is about protecting the right of all citizens to have access to the best health care. I am scared that this world-beating system we have created is being eroded in the name of increasing profits for private organisations. What about a fair go for all??

We have one of the best public health care systems in the world. We are taken care of by our government and we pay high taxes for it and I am happy to do so. So "if it ain't broke, why fix it"?

Community services should be provided by the Government, not private business.

I've been in and out of hospitals since I was 12 weeks and  everything has been covered but if we'd had to pay that kind of money, well I wouldn't be here today.

When so many Americans think their system needs fixing so that health care becomes universal and affordable, why would any sensible person go down that path. There are other values other than money thatmake life worth living!

I have suffered breast cancer for ten years & metasticised bone cancer for five years.  My initial surgeries were rejected by my private health insurance as being a ""pre-existing"" condition and they refused to pay.  If the hospital system was privatised in the same way as the American system is - I'd be dead.

I've been to hospitals when I was younger and received excellent care that people everywhere deserve. To ruin that for some greedy ideology is just hideous and despicable. I support affordable healthcare.

We must put patients before profits.  Our health system is NOT 'free'. We pay for it through out tax contributions and we do this to ensure that everyone who is ill gets the treatment they need.  We are a COMMUNITY and our way of taking care of health saves lives and ... Costs Less!!  Only a Fool would go down the American Path.  And Australians are not fools.  Beef up the Medicare contribution if we need to.  We should pay for health care ... and we do.  If we need to pay more via the tax system, then let's have a talk about that and pay more.  How much is our health care worth to us?   What percentage of our income should we pay to make sure our health is protected?  Let's pay it.  And let's keep covering those who are on pensions etc who can't. That could be any one of us one of these days.  NO to Americanisation of Health Care.  Yes to Medicare.

Yes, I am very concerned and up until now I considered myself lucky as I find the health care system here in Australia fair. I do agree that reading and listening how the American Health system works makes me very worried indeed that it could change to a system where you as the patient are worth nothing unless you have the money to pay. It is a completely unfair system and I am wondering if a medical practitioner could ever agree to a system like that as they have a Code of Practice to adhere to. We should do everything possible NOT to go down that path!

If the government wants us to pay more, there will be increase of poverty and homeless just because the government believes privatization is worth the money then they are in the wrong country!

The value of lives should not be valued by money. I have heard enough sad stories about people who are suffering in both poor health and the heavy billing. Lives are equal and every one deserved the treatment when they need. Let's keep Aussies as the lucky people in the world by preventing the Americanisation of our public health system!

Affordable health care for all. No discrimination.

Medical care should be freely available to all Australians not just the wealthy

MEDICARE works - increase the levy to cover  overall costs - the levy is proportional so to income so it is FAIR and it is COMPASSIONATE because it gives health service access to EVERYONE.

Health care should remain universal for all Australians, our nurses do an amazing job with the limited funds and resources and deserve more acknowledgment and support then they receive. Turning our health care system into an American style system will be disaster! People need to wake up, go see Michael Moore's film 'Sicko' and then you will see what we could face - trading patient health for profit, a massive gap between what rich and poor people can access in regards to health care and services, hospital bills over 15K to sew on a finger, dumping chronically ill patients on the sidewalk because they cannot pay their bills. Shame on the government of Australia for trying to bring this in!

We need to stop modelling ourselves on the bad aspects of America. Scandinavian countries do health and education much better; fairer, economical,etc.

The role of government is to look after the weak, not to feather one's own nest or one's mates' nests.

The Americanisation of our health system means more out of pocket costs then we're already paying. I've lived in the States and know how expensive it is.

I've heard horror stories of Americans that are thrown into poverty crisis with hospital bills. Keep Australia the lucky country and equality for all!

This is the single most important issue that we need to prevent happening in Australia. Everyone deserves proper healthcare. The value of our lives should not be measured by the amount of money we make.

This is appalling and Australians will not stand for the ways of other countries. We are a country of our own and don't need this, it’s bad enough the public health systems waiting lists are forever, now they want to bring in its gonna stuff us for good. We have to say NO and stand up for our rights to our own government and the way we want it. The government has stuffed us with enough.

As I young person I am concerned that in my lifetime drastic changes could be made to our health system, making things that are now free in the public health system such as having a baby extremely expensive.

In the documentary 'Sicko' by Michael Moore, privatised hospital used taxi to drop patients who couldn’t afford care on the side of the street, another wouldn’t treat a young 3 yr old girl and she passed away - this is disgraceful and they say 'God bless America'. A government should be judged on how they care for its people. i wouldn’t want to raise my children and children’s children in a country that worshipped the profits of money, over the wellbeing of its people...I’m so happy to see the ad tonight, I’m right behind you all. Thank you!

Health is already a major issue, making people pay for their healthcare will mean less people will receive the care they need.

I just want to understand the logic behind privatization. I see around and don't see any improvement by privatization. I also want to understand why the private companies would involve them if there is no big profits involved. Where do the profits come from? From taxpayers money which government pays to these companies whether its private bus operators, water plant operator, recycling facility operators etc.

Australia has one of the best health care systems in the world. The fact that we achieve this whilst spending about HALF of what is spent on health, per person, in the US, PROVES this. Do not go down the privatisation path. What a disaster.

This would be the death of our amazing health system and of countless Aussie who would be unable to afford treatment.

I have recently had to call on our Public Hospital system here in Newcastle NSW. I am thrilled at the quality of care I received. I had an angiogram not long after having a broken ankle...not related!  I have always been a fit and proactive person in regard to my health and at the age of 62, thought I was invincible...all this was quite a shock. But the care I received from the Nurses,Drs and asociated staff have been superb and heartening. Health care should be a given in a wealthy and young country like ours. Your income shouldn't indicate the care you receive in a crisis. If people want wine and cheese with their hospitalisation,...that's fine...charge them for it. But the great care we currently receive should be the benchmark that private insurance builds on...thank you Nurses and Midwives Assoc... PS ...my children and g/children were all Public babies...wonderful!

Health should be available to everyone. Stop paying baby bonus, changing Medicare, If you stop this then it could add more dollars to our stressed public hospitals and health system.

America's health system is seen as ideal only by those that would benefit from it,that is the rich which have lower rates of illness and are better equipped to pay for it as required. I've lived in American and witnessed the devastating effect of a user pays private health system on the rest of the population. The poor face the real risk of death or life with bad health that is simply not suffered by the countries rich.  The middle income are not immune either. If you can't keep up your insurance payments or it doesn't cover the costs fully you can easily find yourself laden with a hefty personal loan to pay the costs.

Well I think our hospitals need to stay public not everyone can afford to pay for private health insurance.

Profit should never come before a patient’s health I watched my mother who had cancer go through multiple surgeries, she could barely afford the medication she needed let alone if she had to pay for surgery as well this is just beyond ridiculous

I immigrated from America to Australia in the hopes that I and my children could have a future where a healthy life isn't a luxury. I know first hand the difficulty Americans face with their health care system and do not support the push to privatise our hospitals.

This move to privatisation, devoid of any mandate, or public discourse, will turn doctors into profit centres, removing access to affordable healthcare by working people, the poor, the disabled, pensioners, and giving it to the rich who can afford private health insurance. Already, one major hospital in inner Sydney has turned itself into a corporation, and yet receives hundreds of million of dollars in taxpayer funds. The impetus at this hospital will move from healthcare to profits, a most odious situation.

I have multiple disabilities (bipolar with possible Aspergers, polycystic ovary syndrome and endometriousis) already I pay out of a pension $200 week in healthcare costs. If this comes in I am better off dead.

Everybody should have the right to healthcare, it's a basic human right.

I also recently cancelled my Private Medical Insurance - Because this Company forced you to only see their Dentists and Opticians. They were all young girls just out of University - absolutely hopeless. It was all about the Company employing inexperienced people (less wages) to increase profits. Not looking after the patients.

 Health and education for ALL. It's what's right and fair.

This is more of the Thatcher/Reagan Laizzez Faire capitalism that has destroyed many ordinary people's lives. The 'Liberal' ideology does not believe in universal health care or a welfare state, it's every person for themselves. They believe in a 'user pays' system.  There is no crisis in Medicare,that is just a 'ruse' to frighten us all so we will agree with its gradual decimation. Next it will be the railways, post office, water, electricity poles & wires etc, etc. I've seen the results of such privatization in Great Britain & it ain't pretty. Hands off our Healthcare System.

I believe that the current health system allows equal access to all Australians. By allowing privatisation those who can afford private healthcare, will benefit. While the majority of working class Australians and the poor will be forced to suffer even more because of their circumstances - if this occurs it will be a bloody disgrace.

I am appalled to hear that this disgusting act could be considered.  This country has been through so many changes and most not for the good of the people. I will voice my disapproval at every opportunity I find. The health and safety of our future generations depends on how we act now.  God forbid this would ever be considered.

We are Australian NOT American! Why do we have to follow in their steps for everything? Their country's system is "broken", we don’t want ours the same!

Enough of our country is run by big corporations. It is so important to prevent this from spreading to our health system. We don't want to follow America's lead. We need to protect our less fortunate citizens.

Profiting from the misfortune of others is not on. Profiting from the ill health of others is an American idea and has no place in our system especially if put there by a corrupt LNP government bound to the "sponsors" to deliver a windfall in the form of our health resources.

I work as a registered nurse in the public health system and I do not want it to be 'Americanised'. People depend on and have faith in our current system, we pay our taxes, let us have our say on how we would like our future health care to be delivered.

The American health system is appalling.

Although America has one of the most expensive systems, it is also one of the most inefficient. If our medical system does need attention, there are better countries to use as a model.Whenever profit is put before basic human needs, injustice occurs.

I have Lupus and have been in intensive care twice. I am on a disability pension and could not hope to afford private hospital costs.

I do not want people to have to pay for procedures and if they have no money they don't get help. I do not want people to have to sell their home or assets or give up other things to pay for healthcare. I do not want only the wealthy to have access to health and dental care. Healthcare in Australia is a human right, something we have proudly provided for a long time. I have visited USA and needed to use medical system and pay for medications and it was hideously expensive! I do not want pharmaceuticals also having an agenda in our public health system!

We have a reasonable equitable health system in this country it could be better for some people. It definitely does not need to turn into an American style system which only the high income end of the population can afford!

As a recently naturalised Australian citizen and an American citizen, I am fully aware of the problems inherent in privatisation of the health system. Don't let it happen to Australia!

We should look after our most vulnerable citizens. Anyway and EVERY ONE will need access to the health system at some point. It is a basic human right!

I don't want to have to make a choice as to whether to get one of my children medical attention or to have the family homeless.  In our wealthy country, where we already pay for our public health system though our taxes, quality health care should be available for everyone.

My understanding is that the number one reason for bankruptcies of people in the US is because of medical bills. People who have no insurance are turned away from care, even for simple things. The poor are particularly vulnerable. They can't afford insurance so are therefore not covered or treated. This is NOT what we want for our egalitarian society.

It's hard enough now for disadvantaged people to have medical attention when needed, don't make it harder than it is now.

After recently coming back to Australia from a month long holiday in Hawaii, USA I've come to value the current Australian health system a lot more. Seeing hundreds and hundreds homeless people with countless injuries that will never be properly attended to just shows how much further we have already come, why take steps backwards? Why make a positive wellbeing hard to achieve? There's no reason to. The Australian health system still has a long way to go in terms of staff to patient ratio etc. and Americanising our health system would be severe leaps backwards causing all sorts of mayhem and leaving Aussies with either poor health or no money.

Adequate Health Care is an integral part of a civilised society. We have all contributed to the establishment of the system and the training of practitioners. A public system is the only way to ensure a cohesive community. Each citizen's entitlement should be equal. Universal public health care benefits us all.

In America the government actually pays more per head of population for health care than the Australian Government currently pays per head of population. The difference, we have better quality care, better outcomes and it is cheaper and universal. What does America do better than us, nothing. Just stop it...

Who wants a cruel, totally devoid of compassion health system. I don't!

Everyone deserves access to health care, shouldn't matter how much money you have

I'm an American living in Australia and the proposed privatisation of many government services in Australia concerns me deeply.  America is a shadow of its former self and is in the death throes of a fallen empire.  Private companies have raped taxpayers for every last penny and a few people now control America, Inc. Wake Up Australia!!!!! The Liberal government wants to deliver your hard earned tax into the hands of the wealthy few. The ad is brilliant because it isn't subtle. That is exactly what Australia needs -- a look at their privatised and poorer future.

Why in the world would you mimic a health system that leaves sicK people and their families in debt? There is enough money for new helicopters and we give tax breaks to mining companies, how can we charge people for being sick. Good taxpaying people especially.. the government is supposed to make decisions that BENEFIT Australians, not impeded their ability to continue to contribute to our Country. It’s all around a bad idea. DONT DO IT"

Stop the cuts and stop the selling off of OUR state!

The last thing this country needs is to follow the path of the Americans. It’s no surprise to me the Liberal party of NSW is looking to privatise our hospitals. Whatever happened to the Hospital auxillary lotteries that was specifically help fund our hospitals. It’s in their DNA to hit the little people in their hip pocket. LEAVE OUR PUBLIC HEALTH SYSTEM ALONE.

Much of the violence in the USA stems from an unjust welfare system. It is only in recent years they have reformed some of this policy. Why should Australia go down this path?

We don't want the American health system. Strengthen the public system not weaken it, ensure doctors receive fair payment and not overpayment and keep the system viable.

They cut workers that care for patients but give raises to high level workers. The nurses, domestics, ambos, wardsman  these are the people that run hospital. Everyone is entitled to free health care and patient care.

As an older person I could see that as soon as health insurance started that it would increase costs to the consumer while they make bigger and bigger profits.  I had the misfortune to have to take a friend for a mental health to a public hospital, the staff at this hospital informed me that the only place for her would be in a private hospital, BUT that the private hospital would need a referral from HER GP, NOT the hospital, and they then can say no if they did not want to accept her.  This hospital also does not accept patients on a weekend. Where is our help if hospitals can say when they are open, do we the consumers have to only need help during business hours? Is this why the suicide rates are rising? I am totally disgusted and if there is any way I can stop this Americanisation of our system I will do it.  Why can't we learn from their mistakes instead of making the same one?

We are Australians, we do not want this to happen. This would be catastrophic to our people as we will not be able to afford  Private insurance. The gov is trying to hold us ransom to private insurance, but not all of us can afford it.

A message to the government, if you or your family had a major ailment would you suffer. Answer: you would not, so why let the people of Australia suffer, very inhumane. A message to the Government:  You like America that much, go and live there and leave us alone.

If I recall this is supposed to be the lucky country where people have the right to a good health care system not have to suffer because our government got too greedy. WE ARE NOT AMERICA or any other country come on you pollies act like true blue Aussies and care about the people.

I am an American trained Div 1 Nursing Sister. Have worked 9 years full-time USA and nearly 40 years in Australia.  I know first-hand about the inequity of health care, if any, in USA.  It is an utter disgrace to that nation, and causes many problems: to individuals, to families, to the whole community, and to the health professionals who have to work in it.  Often it means no service, or very substandard service, to the poor.  Families can be bankrupted by a serious illness or injury or birth defect.  Ridiculous over-servicing and over-charging to those insured.  Many tests ordered, and treatments done, just to cover medical practitioners' backs.  Profit motive changes the attitude of doctors, nurses and hospitals and other organisations. Australian public health system far better!  Everyone gets looked after.  Let's keep the focus on serving the people, the common good.  Profit motive in health services demeans everyone.

I would not be able to afford healthcare in any shape or form if the Americanisation to healthcare took place.

As a midwife I'm deeply concerned and against private organisations running public hospitals on both a professional & personal level.

We have a world-class health system that generations before us fought to build. We can't let one government destroy that so easily. They can't be allowed to do this to us. The Americans are trying to move their health system to something more like ours. This would be a massive step backwards!

Healthcare should be free and of a high standard for everyone, particularly for those who cannot afford private cover. Good free health care is a basic human need and right. Health costs in America are the NUMBER 1 CAUSE OF BANKRUPTCY. Our public health system must be preserved for present and future generations. It must be expanded to grow bigger and better.

If our hospitals are privatised we will be at the mercy of money grabbing corporate bodies.  Human life is far more valuable, it is criminal to make huge profits from a person's suffering.

Medical treatment should remain free for all Australians , we work hard and pay taxes.

No, no, no. Leave it all as it is. The American way is not the best way,far from it, let us not follow them. I very strongly say NO to this frightening move. From a retired RN.

I work in the public health system. I want to see our health care system function as a humane system. To have equality of care for everyone. Generally the poorer you are the more likely you are to have health problems. We are going to create a society of only the rich will access health and education.

Keep the system the way it is. Our health and well being should not come with a price tag.

As a nurse, I struggle to keep up with my workload. Public expectation of the service they will be provided for has gone up, year after year and funding cannot keep up with it. That means those of us who work at the coal face of health are getting more and more worn down. We go home with sore bodies from caring for others, stressing about how much we couldn't get done because our workloads are too high.

I am chronically ill on the DSP. Private insurance companies wouldn't touch me. I need public health to be there for me.

Am an old age pensioner, and am already paying at least $30 for a doctor visit, and don't want to see an American type system here which most people couldn't afford.

We all pay Medicare in this country, some more than others so why does it have to change

Once it starts and those who are profiting get the profits we can never go back.

America has one of the most unfair health systems in the world. Everyone should be entitled to health care regardless of financial status.

I just think they need to stop all the changes.

 It is no good for Australia's future.

We need to keep good health care affordable and accessible for all Australians.

I have been nursing for 30years and have seen lots of changes. But sadly now nursing is not about the patient. I am getting so disillusioned with nursing I am considering a new career. Patients before profit.

Australia needs to keep public hospitals and service for their benefits and futures.

Why would you follow a health care system that is clearly below the standard of the Australian health care system. And profit comes before the health care of patients.  Why would you want to change a healthcare system that WORKS?

I feel that the poor people and and people that can't afford health care will miss out and that not fair.

Our health system at the moment offers every person access to health care regardless of class, colour or sex. To move towards an Americanised system would mean health care would not be available to everyone, it would be criminal

Americanisation of our Public Health system will make hospital visits unaffordable. People will die without seeking medical services/interventions.

It's not always about making a financial gain at the cost of reducing patient care. If patients are looked after well when needed, they do become a financial benefit in the long term. Why are we always looking for instant gains?

Wrong on so so many levels. Access to health care should be based on need not ability to pay! Profits should not be made from health care.

They are putting patients and the nurses at risk. They should come and work in the hospitals and nursing homes.

Our health budget is already one of the lowest as a percentage of GDP so why chase the American system which is much more costly.

Health care is a human right, not a privilege afforded only to those who can afford it.

There are enough private hospitals, some had to be bought back at a high price!!! No more you have an obligation to support the weak and less fortunate in society. The public sector is not a sell out!

Everyone should have the dignity of health care - we all pay taxes either directly or indirectly (goods & services)!

Yes, I'm concerned! Healthcare needs to be available for everyone, not just the wealthy! We don't need people suffering at home because they can't afford to see Drs or be in hospital. Save Medicare! Healthcare for all Australians!

I am worried that disadvantaged people will not have access to necessary health care and medications.

As a nurse I see on a daily basis both the battles and sacrifices patients are making already in order to obtain specialised treatment. Any further sacrifices or financial burdens would undoubtedly mean that a lot of the patients I see would go without healthcare. Also, the impact that these types of changes would have on my own family would definitely be detrimental to any healthcare and/or treatment that any one of us could afford. We would simply have to either go without or wait lengthy periods before seeking treatment. 

A scary concept of our Government to gamble the health of its people based on their individual economic status. If we were to take away all the allowances that the politicians receive and make them survive on the incomes of the rest of us, I doubt that these changes would even be a consideration. I'm sure there are many other areas in our national budget that could be easily trimmed in order to make up for the funding used to invest in the health of the people of our wonderful country.

No, to the Americanisation our public health system. People won't afford to go to hospital for treatment.

America is one of the sickest nations on earth but spend more on healthcare than the rest of the world combined. This system is obviously flawed. We certainly do not need a model such as this.

For some time now Australia's Health care system has been seen to become more Americanised. Wake up politicians and take note that the average person cannot afford all the escalating living costs.

Everyone is entitled to free and good quality healthcare. Americanisation of healthcare would be detrimental to Australia. However people need to think before they come to emergency departments and consider whether their problem could be sorted by their LMO.

As a health worker I think it is a basic right that people get equal access to health care no matter what someone’s economic status is. Privatisation of health creates a business model that looks for profit and not positive health outcomes for those in care. .It is not acceptable to take our taxes and not use them on basic services such as health so that we can have a system that promotes health for all.

I used to work as medical staff in the hospital in the Philippines where hospital patients just died in bed for they cannot afford the fees of doctors or cannot buy medicine.

The rich and well off will be able to afford medical treatment whereas single parents and low income families will suffer. . .and more than likely not seek help they need.

It's too expensive now paying for Private Health Cover & the Government Medicare Levy. There is always a Gap to pay now. If Public Hospitals were to be privatised the costs would soar like America. Instead of equity in Healthcare the Gap between rich & poor would be like the Grand Canyon, unattainable for the unemployed & unattainable for the working class. People should always be put before profit & if Public Hospitals are privatised then profit would be the only agenda.

Health care should be accessible to all. We are starting on a slippery slope towards privatisation and cost to patients. This will lead to some not accessing health care because they cannot afford it.

Americanisation of our health would mean reduced access to health care for people of lower socioeconomic backgrounds. This is not optimal health care! We should be striving to be more like countries with better health such as Canada rather than America. It is disappointing that our government wants to take this backwards step.

Everyone has a right to be covered by public health.

The system in America only works for those who can afford it and even then the health insurance companies have a financial say in treatment.

Australians deserve Equality in health care. We all have different roles to play in our communities but no one role is more important than another. Fairness and equality are pillars of our nation. When it comes to health care we all deserve to be treated the same.

Don't do it!!!

Medicare is our safeguard against low income earners & pensioners being uncared for & given prompt treatment in both hospitals & at the GP - the erosion of Medicare is just the beginning of heading toward a healthcare system similar to the US. So called quality care which involves more & more paperwork & double documentation means less time for hands on nursing care by us RNs & also EENs - again threatening to become more like the US where RNs do mostly paperwork - this is more like officework to me than nursing!  & at the moment we are trying our best to do both & stressed out, barely getting our breaks & battling to get off work on time at the end of the shift. I am working in a mental health service for older people but starting to wonder how much longer I can keep this up - I don't feel fulfilled working in this environment day after day & will likely leave & work in a different job if  something doesn't change soon. We most definitely don’t need Americanisation of healthcare in Australia! More people go bankrupt due to huge hospital & doctors bills in the US - that in itself causes more stress related illness - do we really want that? NO!

We have a world class health system that is the envy of the Americans- we need to keep health care in our nations budget along with education... The American system is flawed - why would we even consider copying? It make no sense economically or  ocially.

I believe all Australians deserve the best medical care possible regardless of cost. Lives are more important than money. This doesn't appear to be the case in the USA.

We are Australian, we should follow what we are, stop them from making profit. We have to stay together for one goal.

The privatization of our public health system is not acceptable by we the public who cannot afford private health insurance.

It has let the American people down so let's not let it happen here. I believe we should put patient's health first before profit. I say no to Americanisation of our health system. People before profits always.

There is a lot of waste in healthcare but privatisation is not the way forward. Decisions need to be made for long term not for short term political reasons. The focus needs to be on what services we can afford to provide and what services have positive outcomes in terms of quality of life.

Please keep health system public. With the high and very expensive way of living in Australia, keeping our health system as is helps each family with medical expenses.

We have one of the best Health Care systems in the world - and everybody was treated fairly and patient's care comes first. I don't see the need to change it. We all know how American Health system works and it was below expectations of what we Australians have. Let us not ruin our Health System - as poor health System means poor patient care. Let us all be united against this... This is our country - Australia! So we should have Australian Health System and not anyone else's.

We have a great health care system and last year Obama tried to pass a bill to incorporate our type of health care system into America. So why change to their type of healthcare when they don't even like it?

We are going to become like the third world, if you don't have money you will die on the street.

Letting big business run the show allows spending to be made in terms of shareholder profits. We have a great system. Could be better. Lots of health initiatives for people with disadvantage. This would be cut if no profits made.

Hindsight is wonderful- it allows you to see what the mistakes are, by Looking at the American health system it does not work and is not fair for the worker. Please do not follow this route as we know it is not working. No one will be able to afford it and there will be more people dying. The American health system costs more per capita and delivers less  care to patients. HMOs control the care rather than clinicians. It doesn't represent Australia’s values of what is good healthcare.

Private health cover is already becoming unaffordable.

We currently have a health system that is working, is equitable and fair. I have no idea why the government would want to model our health care on the most ineffective, unfair health system in the world.

I'm scared like hell to go like America, why would we have really good health care and then destroy that. It scares me! No way do I ever want to be frightened of costs when I'm injured!

A healthy society is a happy & productive society. Accessible healthcare should be available to everyone, not just the wealthy.

Public health is a very precious thing. Once you bring money into it PEOPLE DIE. Why do we have to follow the American model? The people of Australia will suffer. A car accident can bankrupt a family and leave them homeless - think about that. I am totally opposed to the Americanisation of our public health care system.

Protect Medicare which underpins healthcare for all which should remain in reach for all Australians.

Don't fool around with our Health System. Just make it better and sustainable with Government funding, our money and taxes.

We are better off leaving our health care alone, it is in a bad enough state as it is.

Everyone should be entitled to free healthcare we do NOT want to go the way of Americans.

We should charge those who can afford it the high income earners like bankers/ miners etc but never the poor or working middle classes, aged or families.

Health care is a right. Not a privilege!

I do not support the American way healthcare. It will affect our way of living, our society as Australians. We pay our taxes we prioritise education, healthcare & transportation. Medicare is a unique system of our country that gives us equality of fair healthcare for all. Therefore it should stay what is!

I believe very strongly that affordable health care should be available to all regardless of their financial status. We do not need to privatise Public Hospitals because I believe that Healthcare should not make a profit out of people's illnesses or accidents. If necessary I feel the Medicare levy should be raised to cater for the increased running costs of Public Hospitals & a paring down of "chiefs", to make room for more "indians" at the front line.

I think it's disgusting! Politicians don't care about the people, they only care about their pockets!

I really despair at what the current government is doing to our country, there are many examples of countries with fantastic systems in place, Australia is one of them (barely hanging by a thread) why would you choose to imitate a country like the USA when they are such a poor example of care for all?

Everyone should have access to health care, be equal no matter what your social status

Very concerned about this. Happy to support.

I have lived in California. Given birth in a hospital there. It was expensive. The care I have received in the Australian public system was vastly superior - more modern attitudes to childbirth and caring supportive staff.

Access to affordable health and medical services in a country like Australia should be a right, NEVER a privilege. Making access un reachable will only deter individuals and families from visiting health services which in many cases will result in preventable and costly diseases to increase amongst our society thereby costing more in the long run. And not just a financial increased cost but a human toll as well.

Having lived in America for a period of time I have an understanding of their health system, as someone who goes to the doctor a lot less than I should (it's a fear of mine)  I flat out refused to go while in America as I didn't believe my health was worth the little I was earning. As silly as it sounds - by putting a cost on health you're turning people away and their inability to afford health is then their inability to work and give back to the Australian economy. America has a lot of things backwards - they are not a country we should be looking towards being.

The American System is terrible, it doesn't work and it puts people in terrible situations.  It will place a huge cost on the country in the long run.  Please, be forward thinking and do what's best for the people of Australia.  God knows we pay for it.

I have worked for NSW health for nearly 20 years and I'm horrified that anyone can think this is acceptable. The Health system needs to be upgraded to support our own people who needs to be better care for and not to have another country's system which doesn't work for them. It is too costly.

As a student nurse, we are constantly taught about person centred care, with Americanised health care system I believe it goes against the teaching.  Patients deserve to have quality health care staff, and nurse patient ratio which allows the patient to receive that attention needed and not have nurses and other health care staff worked off their feet. This in turn would increase errors and low quality care.

All Australians should have the right to health care when they need it without question. Let the American Govt not care for their people if they choose. Australians should not follow suit. We are Australians, they are Americans we can think for ourselves and don't need to become a country of sheep. Our Govt should stand proud of what Whitlam created.

Don't need to sell, if need more money put Medicare up for everyone. It comes out of everyone's pay or tax.

I’m not just a member of the Maitland community, I am also a Registered Nurse and I value our health system, and am very concerned with the expense of basic health care to the average person!!! How many people will die or illness progress unneedingly due to the cost of care being too high?!! This will therefore place strain on the all other aspects of health and early death which could have been prevented!  Keep our free health care for everyone!

The very nature of Healthcare makes it unprofitable in a civilised society, as the most seriously ill are also the most vulnerable and desperate, needing the expensive care and yet unable to earn money being so ill.

I have worked for the last 25 years in Neonatal Intensive Care, an area where the patients themselves are babies, unable to earn money at all. No Private hospital offers the high acuity Neonatal care we have in the big public hospitals, as it is too expensive and unprofitable. So what happens to this area of care? Will we deny these babies a chance of life? Will their parents be paying the bill for the rest of their lives? Or will their chance of life depend on how wealthy their parents are? This is not a society I wish to live in.

The right to proper medical health is without question and should never be a money making exercise

Why do we have to keep following American models that have not worked? Why can't we follow some of the European models that have worked and offer their citizens access to good health care are and good education.

We're not American and I really do not see the necessity of following American trends in everything they do. We have enough of their bad stuff flowing over here now, drugs, gun crime, litigation etc without the government deciding to import more themselves.

If Australian hospitals become Americanised, many people will lose access to urgent care. There will be a higher rate of morbidity and mortality.

For many years I have seen a reduction of services to clients with a mental illness in the community. While nurses who care do many hours of unpaid overtime to get the job done.

I can only agree with these thoughts: "In these challenging times, healthcare executives must make difficult decisions when setting goals and allocating resources within their organizations. Patient-centered care means putting the patient in the center, not in the middle. Hospitals should view the world through the patient’s eyes and organize care around the patient. Investing in patient-centered care as an expression of mission, vision, and values is the right thing to do and has the potential to increase patient volumes and revenue.  Realizing patient-centered care requires shared understanding, top leadership that can own and embrace the vision, engaged caregivers, and involved patients. There is an undeniable element of customer service in patient-centered care: Lessons from the retail industry can take us beyond merely meeting expectations to exceeding them."" (NANCY J. STEIGER AND AGNES BALOG: Realizing Patient-Centered Care: Putting Patients in the Center, Not the Middle)" I work in the health industry, and we have seen so many times our ability to give quality care being  compromised by the continuous pursuit for profit and revenue. Health creates Wealth, never the other way around.